From the Prison Bars

6 thoughts on “From the Prison Bars”

  1. Your work always touches me . I learned with my sons accident that we could look at anything in a positive way .
    We were in Atlanta Georgia for 6 grueling months in a rehab facility . My son was 14 and paralyzed from the neck down from making an angel in the snow . My daughters were in 1 st grade and 3 rd grade . I tried to make our time there an interesting learning experience . We took walks , all went to many of his rehab sessions with him , swam in the pool , made friends with doctors nurses the head of marketing ( who eventually moved to Rochester and married my sister but that’s another story) and even the cafeteria ladies and janitorial staff . When we arrived home and settled into a routine my little 6 year old said one day “Hey Mom thanks that was a great vacation in Atlanta !” I guess she saw the Stars !!

  2. This is beautiful. Such an amazing and important perspective. Thank you for this reminder that we all need. And that artwork is just breathtaking!!!

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