Do you see what I see?

One thought on “Do you see what I see?”

  1. Erin, as usual deep, interesting, right on the money and very long.
    I have an article from Science of Mind magazine that I will take a photo and e mail to you. It seems to fit in here some place
    It’s well written on right and wrong, it’s either this or that and how we as a culture are deeply into black and while thinking. If it’s not this then it has to be that.
    They bring in the digital age in s fascinating way.

    Another thing that kind of fits this I have a new, free, program called that sends out a photo poster every 4 days and a review video after each 4 weeks. Done by email it’s purpose is to teach or open up awareness to curiosity and lead into imagination and creativity
    Try it and see what you think after a few weeks

    A second course “A Good Nights Sleep” will be ready in a few days and is also free.
    It will me on my website

    As always you are deep, interesting and detailed

    Ray j

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